Membership Information

The ACSAA membership is open to all students who attended ColegioWard American Grammar and High School (AGHS) or Lincoln School (also known as American Community School or Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln)  in Buenos Aires,  Argentina. You are considered an alumnus regardless of what year(s) you attended or whether you graduated or not from the schools.  After consolidations over the years, the school name that survives today is Lincoln School--The American International School in Buenos Aires or Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln as registered under the Argentine education system. 

Former faculty and staff can become members in accordance with By Laws Provisions.

How to Become a Member-

IMPORTANT NOTICE-      For the last number of years the payment of dues has been suspended because the ACSAA has not been issuing the Gaucho Gazette newsletter publications.    The ACSAA has been in transition to move information to the Internet because of the labor intensive efforts in the past to mail out publications.    PLEASE DO NOT MAIL IN DUES CHECKS.   The new Board of Directors will be evaluating how to best communicate with alumni in the future,  given the prevalence of social networks.    Members who were current on their dues for the last newsletter from @ 2010 will retain a credit for the time remaining in their membership term.    New membership criteria will be posted once the publications issues are resolved.  

The ACSAA is continuing to maintain the directory date base which has @ 4000+ records  The data base information is for private and association use only and is only as accurate as alumni make it.  If you wish to update your information or add it as a new file please submit  the following information information by email or by snail mail tothe address below and to your Class Rep:  Last Name (include maiden and married name for women),  First Name, Nick Name you used at school (if any), Year you were graduated from High School, Street Address, City, State (province), Country, Zip (postal code),  Phone number (including country and area code), and email address. 


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