T-Shirt Order Information

Dear Alumni,  Faculty and Friends, 

The ACS Alumni Association  is pleased to pass on that T-Shirts,  sweatshirts and polo shirts may still be available in certain styles and sizes for orders mailed to addresses within the United States.  Ben "Lanny" Smith '63 had again come through for Reunion 2011 with merchandise at very reasonable prices.   He has been our reunion T-shirt supplier for over 15 years.     The beautiful logo design uses the La Lucila mansion (part of the school campus since the early 1950's)  as the main theme   You have the option on the T-shirts to select  a design with or without the Tango Dancers.     As in the past,  a portion of the net sales income from the Reunion 2011 related sales will be donated to benefit the ACSAA Scholarship Fund.  Due to local government and school restrictions,  merchandise sales were not possible at the reunion on school grounds.   

Click HERE to view and print out the order form and click HERE to view a photo of  sample T-shirts available.  Prices include shipping Please check with Ben Smith at BSmith194@aol.com or at 425-785-2495 before ordering to be sure he has what you need on hand.  The embroidered polo shirt sample does not have a photo but is well described.  

 Please try to combine your orders for your family group in order to minimize the number of mailings. .  Please retain a copy of the order form for your records.   We are sorry but no credit card payment capability has been set up.  

If you have any questions about the process,  please contact the ACSAA at hola2u@acsaa.org .  


For the ACSAA Board of Directors

Bob Johnson '64